Census of Reports

Step 1: Input your Name, Email, and Course

Step 2: Claim a County

  • To claim a county, visit the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet by clicking on the image below or here
  • While at the spreadsheet, input your name under the appropriate Course column.
  • If someone else’s name is on the same row, then that county has already been claimed.
  • After you input your name on the spreadsheet, please return to this form. 
  • Step 3: Input County and Year

    Please select the county you claimed in prior step.

    Please input 2023-2024.

    Step 4: Identify your County's 2023-24 Civil Grand Jury Report(s)

    Visit your County’s Civil Grand Jury Website by using the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet from Step 2, or googling it.

    County Civil Grand Juries convene from July 1st to June 30th of following year. That means 2023-2024 reports should begin to appear on websites starting June 30, 2024.

    Consolidated Report: If your county has a consolidated report, all reports are in a single file (PDF or Word). In this single file, you will find a table of contents that includes the title of each report.

    Individual Reports: If your county has individual reports, each report has its own file (PDF or Word). For each file, you will find the title of the report.

    Step 5: Input Report(s) Data

    Selected Value: 1
    Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
    Save and Resume Later
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